Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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This week the girls want to know my
Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Being A Reader/Book Blogger
Since I didn't have the time to write this Top Ten Tuesday last week I am so glad that there is a Rewind this week. I couldn't decide if I wanted to post about why I love being a reader or being a blogger so I decided to mix and match and tell you five reasons each. 
Top Five Reasons Why I Love Being A Reader
You can travel the world! Books can take you anywhere in the world - past, present and future, different countries and galaxies or to an alternate universe. Reading is taking a trip in your mind and escape your everyday life. 

You can do basically everything - pulling a heist, solving a murder, owning a coffee shop or bookstore, live in different countries for a while, fall in love with a duke, ... You name it and there's a book telling the story. 

You can learn a lot! Books not only entertain but also educate and I don't only refer to the often dry and boring non-fiction books but also fiction can tell you a lot about different countries, cultures, time periods. That's one of the reasons why I get really annoyed when I discover passages in books that are wrong - research is super important when writing a novel set in our world.

I am never alone! One of my friends is always with me wherever I am. I'm taking a book with me everywhere I go. Even to a friend's house or when I'm spending an evening at a bar with them. You'll never know if you will go to the bar alone or if you'll be the first person to arrive. With a book it is never boring and waiting is nothing annoying anymore. 

It is the best way to spend your free time! I have a friend who is a total non-reader and every time we discuss how I can read as much as I do - and we discuss this almost every time we see each other - my main argument is that I don't watch as much TV as he does and do not play computer games. Whenever I have some minutes to spare I can be found with a book in hand escaping into another world. I can spend weekends doing nothing but reading, I divide my time between studying and reading right before exams and I need my reading time - whenever I don't have time to read for longer than a day I really get grumpy. I was the only one reading three books in one week on a trip I took with friends when I was 18. They spent their day at the pool, the ocean, sleeping or playing cards while I was reading between pool breaks - and I regret nothing!
Top Five Reasons Why I Love Being A Book Blogger
I can talk about my favorite thing to do (without annoying my friends regularly)

The community! Having people who love reading as much as I do and being able to chat about books is something I love. I would never want to go back to the time before book blogging. I found some amazing friends through the book blogging community and I am so glad to have them because even though we only know each other online (but we'll meet soon) I know I can count on them!

I can spread the love for books! I can gush about my favorites, tell people why I loved books or why I didn't, don't feel bad about the huge amount of unread books I own because there are people who own as much or more than I do, discovered some amazing books and series I wouldn't have picked up otherwise,... 

Getting to know authors! It is a lot harder to get to know authors when you don't live in the US but talking to them on Twitter or writing mails is almost as good as meeting them (who am I kidding). Talking to the people who wrote some of your favorite books and getting to know them a bit better just feels amazing. 

Feeling like I belong! Being part of the book blogging community made me feel like I finally found the group I belong in. Before blogging, I was the only one in my group of friends who read excessively and even though my mum and aunt read quite a bit too I read a lot more than they did. Becoming part of the book blogging community felt like another part of the puzzle that is me clicked into place.


  1. N'aww I love your list.

    The community is definitely my favourite part of blogging. Everyone is lovely.

  2. Great list--I had several similar items on my list last week! Totally agree with your "free time" answer--it's amazing how much time you can find in a day to read (if you're always carrying a book with you, that is!).

  3. Great list! I especially like the "Feeling like I belong" answer. :)
    Here's my TTT