Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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Monthly Rewind

My Pic of September
In September meadow saffron could be found everywhere. On our daily walks with Felix we saw whole meadows in purple instead of green. A clear sign that fall has arrived. 

September in One Word
Fall hit Austria in full swing in September: crisp, clear mornings, either beautiful sunny and warmish  or grey and cold days, freezing nights, the leaves slowly turn red, orange and yellow and you feel the need to get out as much as possible to enjoy the warmer days.

4 Things that Happened in September
  1. I managed to prepare all my students so well for their exams at the beginning of September that they all passed. :)
  2. I got a new planner (did I tell you that I am a planner addict) and everytime I need to put something in it I have to smile because my dog is on the front cover. Here is a picture.
  3. Some of my mum's family live in Australia and New Zealand and two years ago one family moved to Vienna with their two kids. They are now in elementary school and speak German perfectly but they have difficulties reading and so I started reading with them once a week. I usually teach junior high and high school students in English so it is totally different but so much fun.
  4. I rearranged my bookshelves, which I usually do every 6 months. I love rearranging them, stroking them, putting them into a new order. Yes, I am weird like that. 
1 Song That Haunted Me This Month

We used to be friends by The Dandy Warhols

Books I Read this Month

  • Jenn McKinlay - Death by the Dozen
  • Kady Cross - The Strange Case of Finley Jayne
  • Anne George - Murder on a Bad Hair Day 
  • Rainbow Rowell - Fangirl
  • Gayle Forman - Just One Day 
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips - This Heart of Mine
  • Gemma Malley - The Declaration
  • Miranda Hart - Is It Just Me?
8 books
  2375 pages

a TV series I liked this month

Veronica Mars
I heard great things about this series from a lot of people but Judith from Paper Riot bugged me for many weeks until I finally started watching the first season and I am so glad that she kept on reminding me that I promised her to watch it because I fell in love with it. I spent evenings watching episode after episode only interrupted by fangirly tweets to Judith. After watching season 1 and episode 1 of season 2 I had to take a Veronica Mars break because I started seeing characters from the series in Vienna but I will definitely continue in October. If you have not seen it (which I doubt because I think I was the last person not knowing how awesome Veronica Mars is) watch it! 

Things I'm Looking Forward to in October

  • Candles
  • Tea
  • Wearing scarves again regularly - I love colder weather because I love wearing scarves.
  • Clear blue autumn skies
  • Starting university again - weird, I know but as a kid I also always looked forward to school again after summer break. Our semester starts at the beginning of October and runs till the end of January. 
Felix in September
The sheep is called Trixie and was Felix first toy ever. Four years later he still loves it and brings her regularly. Trixie is also one of the toys he knows by name and can look for if you hide her in another room.

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