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  to my Blogoversary week here on "My Life..." where I will be celebrating my second year of blogging with the help of some amazing friends. 
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What Book Blogging Means to Me

When I first started my blog, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing.  I'd started a few blogs before and only posted a dozen or so times before I got bored, ran out of things to say or just completely forgot about it.  I can't even remember the names of those blogs anymore so they are floating out there somewhere in cyberspace, unloved bits of my life that I couldn't even find if I tried.

Book blogging was something I decided to do after about 5 minutes deliberation - friends that I had made in certain groups on book social networking sites asked me why I didn't write reviews, so one evening I started a blog.  Initially it was only ever intended for me to write reviews and track what I was reading - I never imagined I'd still be doing it nearly two years later, have made so many amazing friends, been introduced to books I would NEVER have considered reading and learnt just how much work it is to run a blog.

I love that blogging introduced me to so many books, particularly Young Adult novels which I had only read a handful of even as a teenager.  I (wrongly) thought they would never have any kind of appeal to me - it's been a 'couple' of years since I was a teenager - how could I possibly connect with characters that I had absolutely nothing in common with.

But really, what blogging is all about for me, is the people I have met.  To find that there are other people who love books with such intensity, obsession and would go to the ends of the earth to get a book signed, meet their favourite author or even become involved in the publishing industry because of their passion isn't what started me blogging, but it's what KEEPS me blogging.
As well as having things in common with other book bloggers however, I've found that book bloggers as a whole are incredibly open, kind, funny and honest people.  They will tell you what they REALLY think about a book, a character or a romance, and even if you completely disagree, we respect each others' opinions.  Some of my best blogging friends don't even read zombie books and yet we have a connection through our love of reading, our obsession with authors and our passion for sharing our ideas and opinions with each other and the broader reading community.

There are times when blogging leaves me exhausted or unmotivated, but those times are far outweighed by the times when blogging is fun and exciting, and the people that both write and read blogs are what makes book blogging so important to me. I couldn't say I would blog forever, but I can definitely say that I will always be involved in his community - I'd feel lost without it!

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