Friday, September 13, 2013 pictures

At the beginning of the summer I bought an annual ticket for the local zoo in Vienna. I always loved going to the zoo. When I was a little kid my mum took me to the zoo regularly and even when I grew older I loved going. Over the years many things changed at the zoo - cages where rebuilt and enlarged, new animals came, the panda bears got three puppies (the last one two weeks ago), ...

At the beginning of September I went there again and took some (around 500) pictures. 

The panda mum days before shegot her new baby bear.
Me and my mum love the red panda - one of the cutest animals I know!

Hippo mum and hippo baby

The meerkats recently got puppies too.
Seal love
The penguins had chicks too.
The Andean Bear was just hanging around!

One of the Rhinos was exploring.


I adored the otters. We have two and they are the cutest, smelling little animals.
If you look closely you can see him playing with a small stone. 
 Elephants - they got a baby too last week.

One ape was also hanging around. 

Orang-Utans are kept occupied.

If I have to pick a favorite animal I would pick the coatis.
We started our tour at the pandas and ended it at the koala bears.


  1. Owww lovely photos. I'm a huge fan of zoos/animals too! The small elephant is just... too cute.

  2. I love the pictures, they are great :)
    I've already seen the baby elephant, she is soooooooooooooo cute.
    Hope to see you soon (maybe at the zoo?!) :)

  3. Great pictures. I just love the red panda.