Tuesday, September 10, 2013

...in pictures

Last week's topic was  

 and I knew exactly which picture I wanted to post. 
It took me some time to locate it though and that's why it is a bit late.
This is Jacob!
He was my little pet mouse when I was 16 or 17. Two school colleagues bought him and wanted to share him - crazy, I know - but their parents did not allow it so they had to give him away after a day. I remember how outraged I was at the idea of sharing a pet and I was sure that I won't help them but after they told me that they either find another home for him or have to take him back to the pet shop, I caved. Jacob was the most adorable mouse. You could take him out of his cage and he behaved so well and when I turned off my lights he started running in his little wheel for hours and hours (thanks for that). Mice usually live between 1 and 2 years and he lived over 2 years and just was the cutest.

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