Wednesday, July 3, 2013 pictures

Last Sunday my whole family met at my aunt's for a BBQ and to celebrate some birthdays. Both my uncles, my aunt, my mum and my oldest cousin were born between March and June and so we usually celebrate their birthdays together and while most of my family were occupied with one of the presents my cousin got I took my camera and went for a stroll around my aunt's magical, fairy-like garden.
The blackberries started turning dark,

 the bumblebees are busy around the lavender,

the redcurrant will need a bit more sun to ripen and a lot of beautiful flowers are in full bloom.

Big and small lanterns are hung all around the garden

and many lovely bits and bobs are hidden between the flowers.

 Wild grass is dancing in the wind just outside the gates and 

  inside at the pond roses are blooming. 

 This little fellow guards the strawberries 

 and the apples are already starting to turn red. 

If you liked this little trip through Elfi's garden you might want to check out her blog where she regularly posts updates from this beautiful little corner of the world.

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