Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Monthly Rewind

  My Pic of July
  the Danube near Melk (Austria)
July in One Word 
During the month of July we had so many super hot days in Austria and over the last week we almost hit 40° Celsius on some days. The only things you could do where either sweat and read or sit outside (preferably either by a river or at the pool) and read. We had an amazing summer and I am usually one for warmer weather but almost 40° are too hot - even for me.

3 Things that Happened in July
  • Me and three other lovely book bloggers started reading Jane Austen's Mansfield Park together and I really enjoyed this whole new experience of buddy reading a book. 
  • I went to see Monsters University with a good friend and as always I loved the Pixar film - soooo much!
  • I spent some hours at my local bookstore browsing the shelves and just enoying my holidays.

Book I Read this Month
  • Marian Keyes - The Mystery of Mercy Close
  • Ally Carter - Heist Society
  • Carole Matthews - Sunshine, with a chance of snow
  • Lindsey Kelk - I heart New York 
  • Cassandra Clare - City of Bones 
  • Caroline B Cooney - The Face on the Milk Carton 
  • Jane Austen - Mansfield Park 
7 books 
  2367 pages 

  a TV series I liked this month
After I realized that I wasn't able to follow the new episodes of How I Met Your Mother I started watching it again from the start andright now I am in the middle of marathoning the fourth season.

Things I'm Looking Forward to in August
  • My trip to London with my mum at the beginning of the month. I adore this city and cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to going there again.
  • The Book Blogger Picnic me and my four best book blogging friends are organizing on Saturday the 24th of August at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. For more information click here.
  • Those random summer afternoons I will have time to meet my friends in the last three weeks of August. I am working like crazy tutoring high schoolers in English and preparing them to pass an important exam at the beginning of September. So I won't have a lot of time but those free hours I will cherish.

Felix in July

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