Monday, July 15, 2013 pictures

I know that during my summer holidays I tend to do a lot of reading and not much else. So I decided to document last week with three photos per day just to see what I am doing on a "normal" summer day.

Monday started with a good cup of coffee in my favorite Elmo cup I bought in Perth two years ago, used during my three week road trip through Western Australia and brought home with me in one piece (I am still proud of my packing skills). We had around 30° Celsius but nevertheless I found the first gingerbread or Lebkuchen as they are called in Austria in the shops - in July! Come on guys! In the evening I was desperate to find the coolest place to write my reviews and I found it. I spent some time on my balcony reading and writing reviews and blog posts.

On Tuesday the sky was blue and no clouds could be spottet so I went for a walk with my dog Felix in the woods and in the evening took my Kindle and read a bit of Mansfield Park on the balcony - hurray for small clip-on reading lights.

I had to work on Wednesday and spent some time correcting the homework of the kid I'm tutoring in English at the moment. I also discovered how hard it can be to use English grammar correctly in texts. In the evening I watched two episodes of Gordon Ramsay's Ultimative Cookery Course and afterwards me, my Kindle, some salted peanuts and a white wine spritzer enjoyed the rest of the evening on the balcony - I see a theme here.

Thursday I enjoyed a walk with my mum and my dog. Whenever you are out on a walk with Felix he loves chasing sticks. That's never a problem when you're in the woods but we decided to drive to a big meadow we know and there we found hardly any sticks but as you can see in the bottom left picture we found a few and he ran after them yapping happily. In the evening I took down my London guide books and browsed through them on the look-out for places I've never been and shops I really want to see when I'm there again in August. It's a long list.

Friday was every booklover's dream! Me and a friend of mine went to our favorite bookstore and I only came home with four books. No wait; five books. I forgot to include my physical copy of Mansfield Park - whoops. In the afternoon I enjoyed some old episodes of How I met your mother and Felix enjoyed his nap.

I spent my morning reading in bed. Those are my favorite kinds of Saturday. In the afternoon I went to a friend for a BBQ before we went to our local pub to celebrate the birthdays of two good friends. I love getting together with a lot of my friends because it's always good fun. One of the boys got a robot race arena and the guys had nothing better to do than betting on which robot will win the fight. They spent approximately 30 minutes watching those tiny robots fight and me and a friend's girlfriend were the only girls there. I love my boys but at that moment I cursed myself for not bringing a book. In the end we had our BBQ and went out for drinks and I arrived home at 3 a.m. So it wasn't such a bad night.

I'm pretty sure my slightly hung over self would be the best picture for today but no way José so I'm telling you how sunny it was today and that I changed the ink container thingy on my printer which was wrapped in the funniest kind of bubble wrap.

All in all I had a fabulous week and if you want to see those weekly recaps more often, tell me in the comments. Have a wonderful week all of you and may your days be filled with reading!

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  1. This is great and so entertaining. I definitely would like to see this more often.