Monday, July 1, 2013

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Monthly Rewind

  My Pic of June
If you read my blog regularly you will know that I'm in love with this little guy (a friend's adorable baby boy) and that if been babysitting him every Tuesday for the last four months. One Tuesday in June we had to come to my place because it was raining like crazy for quite some time and when he was exploring my apartment we took some pictures with my webcame and this one is my absolutely favorite. Isn't he adorable?
June in One Word 
During June there were massive floods in Austria, Germany, Poland and many other countries. It was raining heavily for almost a week and the rivers just couldn't take the water anymore. The outcome was horrible and I am glad that I live in a big city that wasn't affected. It just wasn't pretty and the regular rain during the month made the effect of the floods stayed with us many weeks.

  5 Things that Happened in June 
  • Two friends of mine clebrated their birthdays at the beginning of June with a BBQ and it was a beautiful day full of fun and I finally had time to talk to my best friend again after she had her baby girl last September. Since then we hardly ever saw each other and when we did she was paying attention to her daughter and we had no time to talk at all. But finally her girl is old enough to be able to be amused by other people than her mum. Hopefully we will have more time for each other during summer. 
  • A friend of my family came over from the States at the beginning of June and we went for dinner and had a blast. 
  • My mum and I went to Berlin for four days to relax and enjoy the city. It was a wonderful trip. We had sunny and warm weather, enjoyed good food and great cocktails and did some book shopping. 
  • We had a wonderful evening at a Heuriger (a typical Austrian pub-like food place famous for the combination of white wine and good hearty food) with my boss and my colleagues. 
  • My mum and I went to see The Great Gatsby at the cinema and before we enjoyed an enormous pizza.

5 Songs that Were Popular on My I-Pod
  I really thought long about this but June was one of those months where I really didn't listen to a lot of music. Sometimes this happens to me but I did listen to one album constantly while cooking or getting ready and this was:
clicking the album cover will get you to iTunes
I love Lady Antebellum and everytime they release a new album I have to have to immediatly. There music is just great and I cannot reccomend them to you enough. 

Book I Read this Month
  • Jenny Colgan - Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams 
  • Jill Shalvis - Head Over Heels 
  • Janet Evanovich - Ten Big Ones 
  • Mark Twain - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 
  • Anne George - Murder in a Girls' Night Out 
5 books 
1683 pages 

June was definitely the slowest reading month for me this year. I'm still 19 books ahead of my Goodreads goal of reading 60 books this year but June felt like a slow month all together and I'm sure that July will be better.  

  a TV series I liked this month
During June I didn't marathon one series but watched some episodes from many different series. 
 I enjoyed Friends,
 Melissa & Joey
 and some episodes of Full House.

3 Random Things I (Re-)Discovered/Liked this Month  
  • I discovered that I really miss taking photos when I go to long without it.
  • I also discovered that I am still a huge fan of planning. With my friends I am usually the one that plans holidays, trips, etc. but I haven't done so for a while now. This month some friends gave me the opportunity for planning again and I enjoyed it (maybe a bit too much). 
  • I was finally able to fly without an elevated heart beat. I was great with flying for many many years but 13 years ago from a flight back from Rome I had the feeling that we were in strong turbulences, which, according to my mum, we weren't, and afterwards I developed a mild panic when flying. I never stopped flying though and over the years I got more relaxed again and on my flight to Berlin I felt completely normal again - finally!

Things I'm Looking Forward to in July
  • I have vacation from the beginning of June to the end of September (the advantage of being a student) and I am looking forward to weeks of reading.
  • I want to get a annual ticket for the Vienna zoo so that I can spend afternoons at the zoo with my friends and their babies.
  • I want to try some changes in my daily routines and will experiment with them during July. 
  • I will start tutoring a new student who is, according to a friend of mine who tutored her till now, not the best in English. So it will be a bit of a challenge and weirdly I am looking forward to it. 
Felix in June
 We had one super hot week here in June and Felix enjoys staying in cold spots in general. So right now he enjoys the cool tiles on my balcony. I hope that it'll get really warm for a longer period of time during July but for Felix it would be more enjoyable to have cool weather where he can enjoy our balcony all day.

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