Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Life...

That's me right now!

Do you know the part of the good old movie "You've got Mail" where Tom Hanks moves out and tries to write an e-mail to Meg Ryan trying to tell her what he's been up to? That's me right now!

At the moment my life came in the way of blogging - my university life to be more exact. For a long long time I had HUGE problems getting my priorities straight and somehow university courses and studying was never high on my list. Everything else was more important. Everything! Which not only annoyed me and unfortunately my parents too (yes, I do understand why) but it also left me with a bunch of really hard exams that I kept putting off. I got sidetracked extremely easily. 

Finally this semester I managed to get my priorities straight but that hit me one evening and I was not prepared in any way - blog wise. That's why I only have many many ideas and almost no blog posts up. I only have five more weeks of university this semester and after that I have three whole months of glorious summer holidays (I feel so priviledged) and I will finally have enough time to work on the ideas I have, participate in read-a-thons, be outside and get a tan, etc. 

I have an exam on Saturday so that is why there isn't anything going on on the blog this week and but I plan on writing a lot of blog posts on Sunday because I have a lot of chatching up to do and I miss writing and talking to you guys. But until Saturday afternoon you can be sure that I look a bit like this:

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  1. Good luck with your exam!! I can totally relate to life getting in the way of blogging and not always having your priorities straight ;)
    And yay for having 3 months off! :D