Monday, May 27, 2013 books

Are you one of those poor people too who are not attending Book Expo America and who has to live vicariously through Tweets from your bookish friends attending? 

Here's the solution:
Inky, the mastermind of Book Haven Extraordinaire, decided to host an Anti-BEA-Reathon from today to the 2nd of June. If we cannot be part of all the fun happening at BEA we can at least be part of a wonderful group reading like crazy and having the time of our life on Twitter using the hashtag: #AntiBEAReadathon
I am looking forward to all the fun on Twitter and on doing some damage to my huge TBR-pile.

Do you plan to join? If so pop me a quick line so that we can chat and cheer each other on.


  1. Well yeah, I'll be reading all week ;)

  2. This sounds fun, especially as I'm thousands of miles away from BEA!