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Enchanted, Inc.
by Shanna Swendson

The author:
by Julian Noel
Once upon a time ...
A little girl learned to amuse herself by making up stories in her head. She turned everyday activities into exciting adventures, and she made up new adventures for characters from her favorite movies, TV shows and books. Then one day she realized that if she wrote down those stories, she'd have a book! But that was crazy, she thought. Real people don't become novelists. That was like deciding you were going to be a movie star. You couldn't just go and do it. But, it turns out, you can, and she did. She realized her dream of becoming a novelist and seeing her stories in bookstores. And then she started to wig herself out by writing about herself in the third-person. This is her story.
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First sentences:

I’d always heard that New York was weird, but I had no idea just how weird until I got here.

Don’t Mess With Hexes.
Katie Chandler had always heard that New York is a weird and wonderful place, but this small-town Texas gal had no idea how weird until she moved there. Everywhere she goes, she sees something worth gawking at and Katie is afraid she’s a little too normal to make a splash in the big city. Working for an ogre of a boss doesn’t help.
Then, seemingly out of the blue, Katie gets a job offer from Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc., a company that tricks of the trade to the magic community. For MSI, Katie’s ordinariness is an asset. Lacking any bit of magic, she can easily spot a fake spell, catch hidden clauses in competitor’s contracts, and detect magically disguised intruders. Suddenly, average Katie is very special indeed.
She quickly learns that office politics are even more complicated when your new boss is a real ogre, and you have a crush on the sexy, shy, ultra powerful head of the R&D department, who is so busy fighting an evil competitor threatening to sell black magic on the street that he seems barely to notice Katie. Now it’s up to Katie to pull off the impossible: save the world and–hopefully–live happily ever after.
source: Goodreads

My opinion:
Enchanted, Inc. is a wonderful novel full of magic, friendship and some really old magicians. Katie Chandler is so extremely “unmagical” that she gets a job offer from MSI, Inc. who need people like her.
I read the book in no time and loved it. The writing style is funny and the topic is unique. There is nothing really paranormal in this book but if you like reading those kinds of books you will like this one too. Extremely friendly, speaking gargoyles – that’s all I’m saying.
Enchanted, Inc. is a wonderful novel for everyone who likes good entertainment and a nice story with some magical twists in it. I can highly recommend it and I will definitely read the other books in this series as well.

Enchanted, Inc. is available at Amazon in paperback and for your Kindle too. You can also buy it at Book Depo.

The Books in the Enchanted, Inc, series are:
  • Enchanted, Inc.
  • Once Upon Stilettos
  • Damsel Under Stress
  • Don’t Hex With Texas
  • Much Ado About Magic
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