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Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer is the author of many awesome YA book series, like the Convenant and Lux series (read my review of Obsidian here). She was so nice to agree in doing an interview for My Life...

You published a lot of books during the last years. Many of your books are parts of series. Could you describe how you write those novels? Do you write one book after the other or do you write the whole story and divide it into the individual books afterwards?
I typically write the next book in the series after doing final edits (copy editing/proofing) on the book that comes before. That helps get me back in the story and the world. Sometimes that doesn't always work out. But I rarely write any book in a series back to back. By the time I'm finished one book, I'm ready to focus on something else.

What inspires you to write those amazing stories? I assume that there wasn’t an incredibly hot alien knocking at your door, telling you his story and begging you to write it down (if there was could you send him over to Austria, please).
If there was an incredibly hot alien knocking on my door, I'd be a happy girl. I'm sure a lot of authors have these amazing inspirational stories, but I really don't. I bore very easily. Writing is a way to ease that boredom.

Obsidian and especially Daemon has a huge fan base and right now there is the Daemon Invasion going on. Bloggers all over the world love your books. How important is the contact with your readers to you?
I'm completely blown away by the response to Obsidian. I didn't think it would become that popular, because when people hear the word 'alien' they're typically like "Uh, What?" Contact with readers is super important to me. I love hearing from people all around the world and knowing that people out there are enjoying the series.

You recently filmed book trailers for your Lux series. Could you describe the production of those a bit? How was seeing your figures come life? Did you always picture Pepe and Sztella as your protagonists and why did you choose them as Daemon and Katy?
The production was hectic but really fun. Pepe and Sztella were great to work with and really hung in there when the hours got really late. It was great seeing the characters and scenes come to life. Sometimes a little embarrassing when you see the "Laptop Scene" filmed about twenty different times. I didn't choose them for the cover. The publisher's did after the book was written. It was just crazy luck that they resembled the characters in the book so much.

Could you tell us a bit about your upcoming projects?
Right now I'm working on a YA Paranormal that I had started back in 2011, but couldn't figure out the plot and pacing problems then. I'm almost done and hope to have it ready for submission very soon. It's a project I've been excited about!

The books in the Lux series:
  • Shadow
  • Obsidian (read my review here)
  • Onxy
  • Opal (will be published on December 11th 2012)

The books in the Convenant series:
  • Daimon
  • Half-Blood
  • Pure
  • Deity (will be published on November 6th 2012)
  • Elixir (will be published on November 27th 2012)

The stand-alone novel Cursed was recently published!

Thank you Jennifer for doing this interview with me and if you want to know more about Jennifer and her wonderful novels check her Homepage, Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Come back tomorrow for the Cover reveal of Opal (the third book in the Lux series)!

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