Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Just a quick info for all of you as to why there is nothing much happening here this week: 

This week is a really hectic one at work for me because here in Austria some students who failed school last year (which means in June) get the chance to prove via an exam on Monday or Tuesday that they learned all the things the missed and after they passed this exam they are able to attend school again and don't have to repeat. Which means if you fail 7th grade and pass the exam you can attend 8th grade but if you fail you have to do 7th grade all over again. As I am working as an English tutor, which is one of the two subjects most students fail here (second one is Maths), I work and prepare and correct a lot of papers this week so I will not post regularly but everything should be back to normal on Monday and then I'll be able to write some reviews again.

I just realized that I haven't even posted last week's picture for the Photochallenge - ups, sorry guys!

Here are my  

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