Tuesday, August 28, 2012

...in books

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

Usually I write a short introduction about how hard it is to come up with ten different ______ (fill in the blank with last weeks TTT questions) but not this week - this week was so easy. 

This week's question is:
Top Ten Bookish Confessions

  1. It'll break some hearts but I break spines! Yes, I am one of those horrible people. If I am not breaking the spine of a book I am so happy and really really pround of me. 
  2. Taking a book with me everywhere I go is a must but I just toss them in my bag without protection (sometimes they look horrible and it breaks my heart but I never changed the way I treat them). 
  3. If I can choose between buying a hardback or a paperback I will always choose the paperback. They are not as heavy as hardbacks, not as bulky, not as expensive and as a girl that always carries a book in her already heavy bag every gramm the book is lighter feels like a ton was lifted from my shoulders.
  4. I can't start a book series as physical books and read the later ones on my Kindle (even if it is a series I really don't like that much). They don't have to have matching covers, be the same size or publisher but they should at least be the same format. 
  5. I have absolutely no control over my book buying habits. My name is Karin and I am a Bookaholic! I never leave a bookstore without buying at least one book (okay, maybe it happend twice in my life). 
  6. I spend way more on books than on clothes, shoes and bags together and I have a lot of bags!
  7. I hate lending books to anyone. No one is worth of reading my books. 
  8. I buy books I have on my Kindle as "real" books if I really love them. Your special books need to be on your shelves, right?
  9. I can't have my mum (btw the only person whom I lend books to) read a book of mine I haven't read - must read them first (imagine roboter voice here). 
  10. I haven't organized my shelves at all but I know where each and every book has its home. 
I would love to include my huuuuuge TBR (to-be-read) pile but nobody can compete with Kat's! Go check out her Bookish Confessions at The Aussie Zombie and follow her. She is so amazing, hillarious and super sweet! One of my fav book bloggers out there.


  1. I'm going to ignore the spine breaking thing (for now). What I totally agree on are 3, 4, 6 (I've also got so many bags I couldn't even give you a number - I think I need a site like Goodreads for my bags *hangs head in shame* though I obviously own more books than bags), 7 and 10. As I'm not prowling book stores as much as I used to I don't end up buying many books there - usually I'll just browse and buy online (as English books are so much more expensive in book stores around here).
    BTW I was thoroughly impressed by Kat's TBR piles as well! And I thought my mountain ranges of unread books were bad ... :-D

    1. Tell me about the horrible selection of English books in Austrian bookstores - I hate this so much! That is one of the reasons I love travelling to London - so many books and they are all in English :)
      Kat's TBR is amazing. I think I have about as many books on my shelves as she has on her TBR. Crazy!

  2. Eeek! I felt my own spine twinge when you mentioned breaking spines! I'm reading a paperback at the moment, and I'm being very careful not to crease the spine. The thought of breaking it... *shiver* But I guess that makes sense of some other things. For example, if you have no qualms about breaking book spines, it follows (at least in my mind) that you wouldn't care much about paperback or hardcover, and you would be a lot more reckless than me about tossing books in bags. I'm quite the opposite, and, to be honest, wish I had a little more of your attitude. After all, it's the words inside that matter, not whether it's hardcover, paperback, with spine intact, or with dog-eared pages. :)

  3. I totally buy a physical copy of the book after I read it on my Nook if I love it enough! I figure that my Nook might die one day and then where would I be? Awesome confessions :) My TTT:

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  4. *CRACK* what was that? Oh, me breaking another spine, mwhahahaha!

    Thanks for the shout out, and I'm considering my TBR as community service - everyone can say 'well be grateful my TBR is not as big as that Aussie Zombie girl!'.

    And I always buy a paper copy of books I love that I've read as an ebook - I like to see them on my shelves!

  5. I'm with you on many of these book sins, especially the excess spending but I couldn't break a spine. The horror :)

  6. I prefer paperbacks over hardcovers as well and I like to always take books with me as well.

  7. I do both two and three. I have to have a book with me always and paperbacks are just a million times more portable. I have mangled a few as a result. Bothersome when they are my own, but terrible when they belonged to someone else.