Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Life ...

Just a little rambling

It is a beautiful Thursday evening and I was in the mood for some funny/interesting/weird facts about me.

So here they come:
  • I love love love having friends at my house. Today some friends are coming over and I am so excited. I love cooking and hanging out with people who know me for ages. A good friend of mine is as much of a bookfreak as I am and with her I can talk bookish!
  • My best friend is a boy.
  • I don’t have a girl as a best friend.
  • The perfect day is spend either with a book in the park, balcony, couch, bed or singing along to loud music.
  • I love the ocean! Really worship it! 
  • Austria has no ocean. :(
  • I fell in love with a little baby about a month ago.
  • I hate it when someone asks me what my favorite book is.
  • I love crime series on TV – Castle is the best!
  • I envy all Americans and British people for their bookstores!
  • I love to cook and bake.
  • I sometimes forget how much music can pick me up.
  • I would do anything for my friends.
  • My friends sometimes say I am the freak of our group because I can always talk about books.
  • I love cheesy romcoms sooooo much.
  • I am not a girly girl – so no pink clothes or shoes. 
  • I grew up with the Sesame Street and I love Elmo the most
  • I am addicted to bags – I think I have over a hundred.
  • I love to travel and can’t wait to see more of the world.
  • I love musically based TV series – you know which I mean, don’t you?
  • I grew up watching Full House and am still in love with John Stamos
  • I was mocked by my friends because I so loved a German singer when I was a teen. I am still mocked by them because if it and yes, they are still my friends.
  • I love my tutoring job!
  • I love Liz Gillies voice - so amazing! 
  • I had a youth group for some years and still refer to the kids who attended as MY kids.
  • I would love to live in London for some time.
  • I think Italian sounds so sexy.
  • I tend to think in English which is sometimes strange because I forget German words once in a while.
  • I love lists!
  • I don't have to mention that I love books and reading and everything else bookish, right?

 Enough now, I need to start cooking!

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