Friday, April 6, 2012

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Fantastic Five Friday is a weekly meme hosted by The Weekly Enthusiast.
This week Anna wants to know our Five Favorite Sidekicks from TV and Movies

Wow, I had no idea how hard it is to find sidekicks. I can only think about my fav cast members but they don’t qualify as sidekicks. I can think of Jesse Katsopolis from Full House, Rachel Green from Friends, Kate Beckett from Castle, etc. But after some thinking I came up with some perfect sidekicks.

Sookie St. James from Gilmore Girls

Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls

Mark Salling from Glee – does he qualify as sidekick?

Kris Marshall from My Family

Sarah Hadland from Miranda

Tom Ellis from Miranda – if Mark Salling does not qualify as sidekick 

One for all the coffee addicts out there: 

and one for all who don't know the amazing British sitcom Miranda:

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