Thursday, January 26, 2012

... in pictures

This week's topic was hard!
I never thought that finding the perfect picture would be so difficult. 

It took me really long to come up with something that could be captured in a picture and then there was the difficulty of capturing something that expresses feeling and not emotion (these two word are synonyms in German). 

Here is my picture:

In Vienna there are many public playgrounds for kids and during the summer months they are full of life and action. Kids runnning around, laughing, havin fun. But during the winter months when it is cold and grey outside the playgrounds become empty and neglected.
This is the feeling I tried to capture here - neglect!

I am looking forward to warmer months because I am longing for warm weather when you can sit outside in the sun. This is the time I try to get as much sun as possible on my skin. I love these first warm days of the year. 

Right now we have beautiful winter weather in Vienna - blue sky, some clouds but it is freezing cold! I enjoy this as well. I also thought about using this picture for this week because it captures happiness and contendness for me:

a long walk in the snow with my dog, listening to the snow crunching under each step you take

Next week's topic will be posted tomorrow!

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  1. Tne neglected playground is a very good idea. And the picture with the winter sun is just beautiful.