Saturday, January 21, 2012

... in books

Hannah at Once Upon A Time started The Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge 2012. I found it yesterday thanks to a comment she left on my blog and I just need to participate. It is the perfect challenge for me.

I am certain that there are bigger Terry Pratchett fans than me but I love his books so much. I received my first Pratchett book Wyrd sisters as a gift from a friend of my dad and he told me that he heard that I am a reader and he just knows that I will love this book. He was right!
The Discworld is my favorite place to escape to if everything around me gets hectic. I read Wyrd sisters so often that I bought a new one because the old is so fragile. That’s how much I love his novels.

I am so looking forward to this challenge and if you want to know more about it than clickhere and you will come to Hannah’s blog and her description of this challenge.

I can highly recommend his Discworld novels - a wonderful series!

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