Sunday, April 24, 2011

... in books

Yesterday was the international day of books.

Many bookaholics took part in a book-read-a-thon organized by Lovely Books. A read-a-thon is a day dedicated to reading - most of the time. I did a little blog hopping today and read all about the experiences bloggers had yesterday but I didn't take part in this.

I was away for the day celebrating a good friend's birthday with a barbecue, chatting, sitting in the sun all afternoon and okay, a little bit of reading - probably 5 pages.

But I think it is a nice idea dedicating an entire day to reading and maybe I will be part of the crowd at the next read-a-thon - who knows.

I found this video on a Swiss page dedicated to the international day of books. It is a wonderful video and the text and the end means: "You can also read books"

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