Sunday, April 10, 2011

... in travels

I know it's been a while but I really really needed a time-out. Well, not particularly a time-out from this blog but a time-out from university life. I was studying and working on papers without a break since September and began feeling frustrated and writing papers got harder and harder due to lack of concentration.

So I took a vacation!

I went to Prague for three days with my mum. I had a great time. We enjoyed the city, the sun and the bookshops. Before going a good friend of mine told me to enjoy the city as well and not only the bookshops – and that was what I did.

After being home one day to sort out my washing and to unpack my bag I packed it again and took off to London for four days with my best friend Angie. It was so wonderful. We had the most beautiful weather. It was sunny and warm and we did a lot of shopping, gossiping and enjoying some alone-time together. Normally we are part of a huge group of people who we love but sometimes it is great to be alone with Angie to be all girly (at least as much girly as we can be). We hit so many stores it was unbelievable!
We also visited “Waterstone’s” my favorite bookstore partly because I begged Angie to do so and partly because she and her husband gave me a £30.- book coupon for my birthday. Yeah!
Angie followed me all the way through “Waterstone’s” always mumbling that I was so crazy for buying all these books. I though that I didn’t buy so many books but she is such a non-reader that I sometimes, okay always, wonder what she does in her spare time. I don’t know!

Well these are some pictures of my treasures. I strongly believe that they are all really really really good books but I will tell you after I read them, which might take a while due to a really huge pile of unread books. 

Books bought in Prague
Lucy Dillon - lost dogs and lonely hearts and Trisha Ashley - Chocolate wishes
Mordecai Richler - Barney's version and Greogory Maguire - Wicked
Sara Gruen - Water for elephants and Scarlett Thomas - The end of Mr. Y

 Books bought in London
Hummingbird bakery cookbook
Sarah Rayner - One Moment One Morning and Sebastian Faulks - A week in December
Madeleine Wickham - Sleeping Arrangements and Jojo Moyes - The last letter from your lover
Katharine Birbalsingh - To Miss with love and Gervase Phinn - Road to the Dales
Dr. Benjamin Daniels - Confessions of a GP and Mike Pannett - Now then Lad
Helen Hanff - 84 Charing Cross Road and Robert Winder - The final act of Mr. Shakespeare
Michelle Moran - Madame Tussaud
Harriet Evans - Love Always

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