Saturday, April 16, 2011

... in pictures

Today I want to share something completely different with you.

I am a follwer of Sonia's blog Runaway Hippie for quite some time now and there I found a wonderful post called 30 Pictures. The idea behind this post is to share 30 different photos with you, telling you a bit more about me and my life.

So, here are my 30 Picture!

01/someone I spend a lot of time with

02/a picture of myself

03/a picture of someone in my family

04/a picture of something that makes me happy

05/an old picture of myself

06/a picture of my sibling

07/a picture I've never posted on my blog before

08/a picture of someone that I miss

09/a picture of a relative of mine

10/a picture of my favorite place

11/a person I can tell everything

12/a picture of my everyday life

13/a picture of a place that I love

14/a picture that reminds me of old times

15/a picture of a friend since my childhood

16/a picture of myself

17/an unsual picture

18/a picture of my spare time

19/a picture I'm satisfied with

20/a picture of one person close to me

21/a person who is always there for me

22/a picture of a time that I miss

23/a picture from last summer

24/a picture that makes me sad

25/a person who always makes me happy

26/someone I'm always having fun with

27/a picture I always laugh about

28/a crazy picture

29/the latest picture of myself

30/someone I will never let go of

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