Wednesday, May 4, 2011

... in books

It’s the beginning of May and now starts the critical phase at university. Same procedure as every year!
I need to study for exams, write all my papers, try to find time to do my homework and attend my classes. This year there is more to do because I’m attending a course where I need to go to different school and observe some lessons, which is real fun but takes valuable time from my full days. 

And as always when I am a little stressed or when time is precious I read a lot more than usually. So I think I will finish quit a lot of books the following months.So far I finished reading Joanna Harris “Chocolat” and Walter Moers “The Alchemaster’s Apprentice”. 

I got Chocolat in February for my 25th birthday from my family. Shame on me, but I must confess that I got the film with Juliett Binoche and Johnny Depp for several years now and I never watched all of it. So when I got the book and knew that I had to read the book before watching the film. I finally finished it on Sunday and now I’m really interested how they transferred this book into a film. 

The Alchemaster’s Apprentice is one of Walter Moers’ wonderful novels about Zamonia. It is wonderfully written and sometimes I laughed out loud. All the other Zamonia novels are also worth reading, totally obscure but so much fun. 

Now, I will focus on my study materials again!

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