Friday, May 27, 2011

... in books


After three stressful days I finally had time to finish "The next thing on my list" yesterday evening. Nice story with an unexpected ending. Somewhere in the middle I thought I figured it all out and then some things happened and the whole story was flipped and the ending was not at all what I expected. I really enjoyed that.

Then there was this obvious problem that I needed a new book - in the middle of the night with no plan what to read next. So I spend 30 minutes in front of my books and settled on Terry Pratchett's "Night Watch" which I started almost three times by now and never read more than 30 pages. So I am really curious if I manage to finish it this time. It is not that this book is not interesting or amusing it just wasn't right at that time.

I still have some exams left and I really need to write my paper but it is a bit more relaxed till end of June. Hope I will have time to read some more books and find enough good ones to load to my Kindle for my Australia trip.

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