Sunday, June 5, 2011

... in books

Can you remember that I took part in a raffle at "Beauty & Books". Stephanie asked us all to leave a comment and tell her how high our pile of unread books is right now. I decided to reveal my well kept secret and told her about my many many many unread books.
It was worth it!
I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won!

Three of my friends celebrated their birthdays this week. So we had three major birthday bashes this week. So much fun. Last one was yesterday. We did some barbecueing, sunbathing, played "Cluedo" and laughed and talked a lot. I am so grateful for all my friends and I know that they are really something super special!

So now, I am so (not) looking forward to the following week. One presentation at university, one paper to finish and prepare for exams....I am really looking forward to July!

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