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My Huge Pile of Unread Books

At the beginning of the year I just sat on my bed, which is facing my main bookshelf, and starred at all of my books. I know that I buy a lot of books and after some minutes I became curious of my read/unread ration on my shelf. Not the best idea I had....

my main bookshelf
I store almost all of my books on one big shelf, double stacked and some even on top of the others. I also have some of my beautiful German hardback editions on top of my closet, all my books telling stories of teaching, teachers or school inspectors on a small shelf and all my classics and Christmas books (weird combination, I know) on another.

my teacher, teaching, school inspector books
I have a lot of books and I also read a lot more than every other person I know in real life but since I am buying books almost as fast as I'm reading them and I'm also double stacking
my shelf doesn't look as full as it really is.

So I sat down and started counting. I only counted my unread books so I cannot tell you my total of books I share my room with but I have over 300 unread books in physical form alone. So I didn't count my Kindle books but only my hard copies but still I have over 300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! books.

I never thought there would be this many but after thinking about it for a while I figured out that I love re-reading books so I have a huge number of books I read each year but I'm not doing that good in reading all the books I buy. Whoopsy!

I promise I will work on my book buying habits and will either minimize the number of books I buy or read more of the books I buy. Let's have a look how well I'll be doing with this in 2014.

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