Saturday, November 2, 2013

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Monthly Rewind
My Pic of October
I saw so many beautiful sunsets in October and this one in particular seems like it is painted.

October in One Word
October was super sunny and incredibly warm. I was really looking forward to wearing my scarves but it was too warm for that (No, I am definitely not complaining!). I tried to spend as much time outside as possible and I slowly started to feel better again.

6 Things that Happened in October
  1. University courses started again in October which also meant that I spent more time on public transport and read a lot!
  2. Fall was in full swing during October – all the leaves turned read, yellow and orange and the days were sunny and warm. You just had to be outside and soak up all the sunshine you could get.
  3. I spent a huge amount of time reading and didn't really do much else.
  4. I celebrated my Second Blogoversary with a full week of awesome guest posts from really good friends and a wonderful giveaway. I can't believe I'm already blogging for two years!
  5. I am not the typical cliche kind of Austrian. I am able to ski but I don't like it and haven't been for many years, I don't own a Dirndl, I cannot play the harmonica and I do not jodel but I love watching ski races and TV and in October the new season started. I really love watching the races and during the winter months I can usually be found in front of the TV most weekend mornings keeping my fingers crossed for my favorite skiers.
  6. My oldest friend (I met her 21 years ago) graduated university and is now a real teacher for Maths and PE.

  Books I Read this Month
  • Jonathan Stroud - The Golem's Eye
  • Janet Evanovich - Eleven On Top
  • Rachel Gibson - Run To You
  • Amy Plum - Die For Me
  • Ally Carter - I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You
  • Ally Carter - Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy
  • Ally Carter - Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover
  • Jill Shalvis - At Last
  • Ally Carter - Only the Good Spy Young
  • Ally Carter - Out Of Sight, Out Of Time
  • Jack Sheffield - School's Out!
11 books
3627 pages

a TV series I liked this month 
I started watching Cougar Town when it first aired but unfortunately it usually was on in the middle of the night but recently I rediscovered it and started right from the beginning. I am not that far in but it is hilarious and I adore Laurie.

3 Random Things I (Re-)Discovered/Liked this Month
  • I always thought that I don't do binge reading with series I love but I read Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series almost back to back and was so in to this story. I adore Ally Carter's writing style and if you haven't read one of her books, please do so. They are great!
  • Starbucks' Classic Hot Chocolate – the perfect fix when you don't need coffee but a warm pick me up.
  • Buying candles – I had to stop myself so often this month from buying too many.

Things I'm Looking Forward to in November
  • Wearing my scarves!
  • Putting our big lantern out on the balcony and watching the candle burn out there every night.
  • The first time going to the Christmas Market (which they are erecting right now) with friends for a mug of punch and some warm jacket potatoes.

Felix in October
Felix and I enjoyed many walks on the amazing fall days and since he does not seem to feel cold he spent some time in the small stream that can be found on our usual walk in the woods.

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