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Murder on a Girls' Night Out
by Anne George

First sentence:
Mary Alice flung her purse on my kitchen table, where it landed with a crash, pulled a stool over to the counter and perched on it.

Patricia Anne, a suburban housewife, is plagued by sibling rivalries in the form of her sister, Mary Alice. Both in their sixties, these sisters are total opposites. Blood ties prove strong when Patricia Anne joins Mary Alice in surveying her most recent purchase - a country western bar. Before the final papers are signed, the owner is murdered and the sisters investigate.

My opinion:
I have stumbled over one of the books of this series in the German translation many years ago in my local library and after reading the first chapter I knew that I had to buy the whole series in English.

Murder on a Girls' Night Out is the story of the two very different 60+ year old sisters Mary Alice, who just bought a country western bar, and Patricia Anne, a retired high school teacher. Mary Alice is the loud, outgoing, crazy, adventurous, three times widowed, rich sister who is always on the look-out for fun and new things while Patricia Anne is the calmer, not as impulsive sister, happily married to her husband Fred. However Mary Alice manages to bring Patricia Anne in crazy, slightly dangerous situations all the time which annoys not only Patricia Anne but also her husband.

Murder on a Girls' Night Out starts with Mary Alice buying a country western bar but unfortunately the current owner is found dead in the wishing well. Somehow the two sisters start to investigate and get sucked deeper into danger with every question they ask.

During their “investigations” they meet Bonnie Blue Butler, who was a waitress at the Skoot 'n' Boot, Mary Alice's bar, and is a spitting image of Mary Alice despite the fact that she's black and Henry, the cook, who is a former student of Patricia Anne.

Murder on a Girl's Night Out is the perfect introduction to a wonderful cozy mystery series. I laughed so hard that tears streamed down my face, tried to solve the mystery before the end (one of my hobbies – I also do this when watching crime series with my mum) and could not put it down.

I can highly recommend this mystery novel to all of you out there who like reading cozy mysteries or want a sneak peak into this genre.

The books in the Southern Sisters Mystery series are:
  • Murder on A Girls' Night Out
  • Murder on A Bad Hair Day
  • Murder Runs in the Family
  • Murder Makes Waves
  • Murder Gets A Life
  • Murder Shoots the Bull
  • Murder Carries A Torch
  • Murder Boogies with Elvis
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