Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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I love participating in Top Ten Tuesday each week because I am a total list junkie and discovered so many great books through this meme. It was the first one I found and started participating in when I started blogging at My Life... about 18 months ago and today I feel honoured that a topic I came up with is the weekly question. 
I posted this one on November the 6th 2012 during a freebie week and when I got a comment from Jamie asking me if she could use my topic as a future TTT idea I agreed (of course! who wouldn't?) and did a little happy dance.
What I didn't think of was that I wouldn't be able to post a TTT that week. After going over my original post, I came to the conclusion that nothing has changed over the last 5 months but decided to post my original post again for all of you to read. I am so curious what your 
Top Ten words/topics that instantly make you buy a book are. 
Can't wait to browse all the posts. 
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish
This week is a freebie week which means we can make up our own TTT topic. I thought about it for quite a while now and the idea hit me this morning. I am one of those readers who automatically buys books that have specific words in the blurb or address specific topics. Those words appeal to me and instantly makes me want to read or at least buy it. 

So my Top Ten list will be:
My Top Ten words/topics that instantly make me buy a book 
  1. Shakespeare - for some reasons I am obsessed with the bard. Not that I have read every play or sonnett he wrote, neither have I visited Stratford upon Avon or went to every of his plays. I just love having books dealing with Shakespeare, his life, the Elizabethan area and I don't care if the are fiction or non-fiction. So I own biographies (three, I think), retellings of his works, a paranormal novel dealing with him as a vampire hunter (I think) - I don't care what this book is about as long as it deals with Shakespeare.  
  2. Italy or to be more specific Tuscany - as I am living in Europe I spent many holidays as a kid and teenager in Tuscany, a beautiful part of Italy, walking the streets of Florence, eating ice cream in Siena, sitting at the beach in Viareggio, ... Tuscany always felt like a magical place. The landscape, the people, the architecture, the language, etc. So when a book is set in Tuscany I have to have it! 
  3. London - I am in love with this city! I would move there instantly if someone would garantie that I would have all the money I need to rent a good place to live because London is so terribly expensive. This city feels like home! When a book is settled there I buy it - doesn't matter what it is about. I usually read blurbs and when I only spot "London" I don't bother reading on I just buy it. This way many books found their way into my house that I love like crazy and I discovered authors I might not have found otherwise. 
  4. I will buy a book when it deals with teachers, teaching, school. I always wanted to become a teacher and I am studying to become one soon. This love for books dealing with teachers and schools developed more recently (over the last 4 years) and I discovered some great books through it. 
  5. Cooking - I own quite a collection of cookbooks and books about cooking but I am a sucker for books telling the story of someone who wants to cook, learns to cook, owns a restaurant, bar, coffeeshop, etc.
  6. Books - do I need to say more? Books about books - amazing!
  7. Bookstores - yes, I consider this topic different from the books about books-topic. I love reading about people owning bookstores, working in them, etc. I think that this is my own little dream; owing a small bookstore with a café attached. :)
  8. Terry Pratchett's Discworld - I love his style of writing and I am building my Discworld novel collection one book at the time. This series contain books dealing with the witches, the Night Watch in Ankh-Morpork, the wizards at Unseen University, DEATH (capital letters are a must here). I like them all but my favorites are those books dealing with the witches because nobody is as entertaining as Nanny Ogg singing the Hedgehog song and Granny Weatherwax complaining about it. 
  9. Road trips - reading about road trips is almost as good as being on them yourself. I love learing about new places through books and reading about places you know and visited through a character's eye is something really special. 
  10. Characters with special "powers" - paranormal books are so "in" right now and I love reading them but I gravitate towards books dealing with witches. I don't know why but the concept of witchcraft and magic is something that really fascinates me. 
So those were my top ten things I love to read about in a book. 
I would love to know yours, so leave them in the comments.


  1. I love books about cooking too. I read several series with a bakery or coffee shop or catering business. I especially love when they include recipes.

  2. Oh, bookstore-books!? Can you recommend some?? :D

    Patricia @ BookExhibitionism

  3. Brilliant list, and it's so cool that the topic idea was yours!