Sunday, May 15, 2011

... in Australia

In 46 days, which is a little more than 6 weeks, I will fly to Australia for 3 weeks. It was my parent’s gift for my 25th birthday. Yes, I have really wonderful parents. No, I will not trade with you. 

From Vienna, Austria to Perth, Australia it takes us approximately 29 hours with two stops in Frankfurt, Germany and Singapore. Then we will spend 3 weeks in Australia, touring Western Australia. 
So I need a lot to read during the evening and then we will fly back from Perth over Bangkok, Thailand to Vienna, which will take around 20 hours. 

So you see, I will need many many books. So I had three possibilities. 

  • The first one was to reduce my pile of things I want to take with me to a minimum and take a whole suitcase of books with me. Was not so popular with my dad – I still don’t know why.
  • The second option was to take books with me and leave them in Australia when flying back. This option was not popular with me because I know for sure that I can’t do that. Just leave me books somewhere – are you kidding me? No way!
  • So I figured out a perfect third option. Today I bought an Amazon Kindle. It can hold 3,500 books and weighs only 241 grams. Sounds perfect to me! Even I can’t read so many books in 3 weeks. I ordered the Wi-Fi version of the Kindle together with a red cover. I am so excited. For some weeks now I looked for books to read for this trip and I found more than enough.
I still think that an e-book will not substitute a REAL book but it is definitely a good alternative for special circumstances like this. 

I am a huge fan of books – real books but I am also really excited to get my Kindle next week. Maybe that’s also because I am so looking forward to this trip. The only downer is that we will leave our dog at my aunt’s for 3 weeks. No, she loves him and he loves her and she will take more than good care of him and everything will be fine but it is kind of hard to leave him. On the other hand, I am so sure that those 3 weeks will rush by and we will be back home in no time and then he will be so excited to see us again. 
So all in all, I can say that the next 6 weeks will be full of studying, writing papers and exams but I have something really special to look forward to.

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  1. A really good choice. I love my Kindle. :-D

    The look of the dog... Heart melting. I can understand, that it will be hard to leave him.

    Good luck for your exams and a lot of fun in Australia!