Sunday, October 24, 2010

My life ...


I am a real bookworm!

People who know me will nod because it is so true.
I cannot remeber the last time I left the house without a book in my bag. I carry one with me even when friends collect me from my house and bring me back after the evening at the pub. I don't really know why I am taking a book with me. There never is even a slight chance that I will get bored but I am prepared.

What is reading for me?
Reading a good book, which fascinates me, is like living someone elses life for a while. Not that I don't like my life. It is just a way to escape the routine, to enjoy my life a wee bit more (by the way, I am more drawn to American English but I just love the word "wee". It sounds so tiny and superfunny, kind of like a small creature.).
For me reading is definitively a way of relaxing. That's why I was the only one who read three books during a week while on vacation with some friends. The others slept, talkes or listened to music - I read.

I don't really know why I start this blog now. Maybe I just want to document how much I read, tell people what I read and why I like it. I don't know. We will see what will happen to this little blog.

I just wish you all a good night and I will now go to bed and read a few pages.
So, I am off to the Yorkshire Dales in England

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