Friday, October 29, 2010

... in books

Some time ago I found some really great books by Cleo Coyle
The series is called Coffee House Mystery and is so wonderfully written. 

The story is about a Claire Cosy who returns to New York City to manage her ex-mother in laws Coffehouse "The Village Blend" in Greenwich Village. Also part of the story is her ex-husband Mattheo, the Village Blend's coffee buyer, Madame, Mattheo's mother and the owner of the Blend and Claire and Mattheos daughter Joy.

In the first book "On what grounds" a muder takes place in the coffeehouse and Claire starts to snoop around. She unravels the whole story around the crime and in the end it is her who solves the murder.
In "Through the grinder", the second book, Claire gets involved with a man who had relationships with several other women who committed suicide. It is clear that Claire has to investigate. Was it suicide or was a murderer involved?

The stories are all thrilling and absolutely fabously written and at the end of each book there are some recipies for special kinds of coffee, brownies, cookies and many other goodies.

While reading I was able to see the whole action before me and I could also smell the coffee. So try to read it with coffee in reach - you will really want one.

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