Monday, October 25, 2010

... in books

This is part of my bookcase.
All books are stored there in at least two rows and there isn't that much space left.
I just hope that I will soon find the perfect solution for storing my books because I really really run out of space.
I store my books by language and genre. So all English books have a different shelf than the German ones and German crime is stored seperate to German fiction or literature.
I am one of those people who think that a bookshelf tells a lot about the person. I think houses without books are a little bit spooky. I know that not many read as much as I do but I hope that everybody reads at least a bit (but I fear that this isn't the case either).

So speaking of reading, I will now go and start reading Josephin Humphreys' "The Fireman's Fair" for university.

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