Thursday, July 14, 2016

What's in my Bag - New York City Edition

I'm pretty sure that everyone who ever watched a YouTube video stumbled upon a "What's in my Bag" video recommendation. I am a nosy person and love seeing what bags other girl use and what they are schlepping around on a daily basis. I myself was carrying around big and really heavy bags but over the years I started switching bags depending on the things I need on this specific day. So I either carry around a smaller bag when I don't go to university or a larger bag that can hold my notebook, papers and books.

It's also different when I am away on holiday. When I'm wandering around the city all day for many days in a row I try to reduce the weight of my bag drastically. I carry around as little as possible in a bag as small as possible. For my six day trip to New York City in June I found the perfect bag which fits all my necessities.

When I'm away I need very little - my purse (which is usually not the one I use at home since I don't need all my membership cards and it's easier to switch purses than to clean out all my cards and put them back in afterwards), my camera (I bought a small Canon Ixus compact camera before my trip which is as good as my big one and a lot lighter), tissues, lip balm, gum, a pen (because you never know when you might need one), sunglasses (I usually take cheap ones which I don't mind breaking) and a small mint tin which holds my medicine, band aids, painkillers and a hair band.

Since I am nosy I would love to know what you are carrying with you either when on vacation or on a day to day basis.

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