Thursday, July 7, 2016

I did not vanish but it felt like it

Over the course of the last six (6!!!!!) weeks every member of my family was sick! 

It all started when my mum and I returned from New York City. She started to feel unwell and spent almost a week in bed feeling poorly. After she got better my dad got a cold (man-cold - almost deadly) and after fighting it for five weeks on Sunday evening I finally gave in and went to bed with quite a high fever and am only today returning to the world of the world of the living.

Spending six weeks either taking care of your loved ones (including your dog who needs TLC probably the most - in his opinion) or studying for your finals (which you missed because of a horribly timed fever), there is no time for blogging.

Now I am officially on summer break and started thinking about things I want to do during my three months off and dedicating more time to blogging is high on the list. I got a long list of ideas written down in my Bullet Journal and am now taking the time to plan, write, prepare posts, taking photos, enjoying the creativity of writing, ...

So be prepared to see more action here over the next weeks and wish me luck being able to planning my blogging better when university comes back into my life again.

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