Monday, January 4, 2016

52 ways of creativity

Over the last year creativity kind of took the backseat in my life. I love photography but could not be bothered to take my camera for a trip around the city or the zoo and even while on vacation in Lisbon during August it mostly stayed at the hotel. Yes, of course, camera phones have great quality, they are lighter and you can share the pictures more easily via Instagram, Twitter or other social media platforms but honestly - it does not substitute for a real life camera!

So in 2016 I want to jump start my creativity again and challenge myself. I want to launch "52 weeks of creativity" on this blog and would love for you all to join me. I will post this week's prompt every Monday morning and encourage you to post your contribution some day during that week. Don't forget to link your post here. It does not have to be a photograph but it could also be a drawing, a video or any other creative outlet that suits you and you feel comfortable with.

The prompt for the first week is:

I cannot wait to see what you'll post and let me know in the comments below if you're participating in my 52 weeks of creativity.

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