Friday, January 31, 2014

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Monthly Rewind


My Pic of January


January in One Word 

January brought a lot of exams, finals week and work. So my month was really uneventful and I did hardly anything else besides studying and working. I have even been absent from blogging for a while. I scheduled some posts but I did not write any posts after the 10th of January. I missed it a lot!

3 Things that Happened in January

  1. I finally managed to stick to my studying schedule - that really is a big deal for me :)
  2. My best friend celebrated his birthday and we had a lovely evening. 
  3. Since the boys in my group of friends are huge American Football fans we watched to Conference Finals and will also watch the Superbowl together on Sunday. 

3 Songs that Were Popular on My i-Pod
I love this accoustic version of Sunrise Avenue's Lifesaver

 Do It by The Boss Hoss

Rubber Duckie sung by Ernie from The Sesame Street
a post about my relationship with this series will go online soon 

Book I Read this Month

Ally Carter - Uncommon Criminals
Ally Carter - Double Crossed
Ali McNamara - Breakfast at Darcy's
Kady Cross - The Strange Case of Finely Jayne
Gerhard Elfers - 111 Reasons to love London (German book)
Kady Cross - The Girl in the Steel Corset
Katie Fforde - Recipe for Love
Derek Landy - Skulduggery Pleasant
Richard Castle - Heat Wave
Shannon Stacey - Exclusively Yours
Gervase Phinn - Trouble at the Little Village School

  11 books

3403 pages 

a TV series I liked this month 

I got the sixth season of The Big Bang Theory on DVD from my grandpa for Christmas and I spent many evenings watching it with my mum. 

Things I'm Looking Forward to in February
  • My Birthday on the 1st :) 
  • Finally have time to blog again. 
  • Doing a readalong of Rae Carson's books with Alexa, Judith and some other bloggers. 
  • Reading Shatter Me for the first time and discuss it with two of my most favorite bookish friends.

Felix in January
 Snow and Felix are an amazing combination. 
He loves rolling around in it, chasing snowflakes and eat it.

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