Monday, March 25, 2013

...on the blog

It was time for Bloggiesta!

Sad to say but Bloggiesta is over again. I really enjoyed working on my blog, connecting with other bloggers and chatting with all of you guys. Here is my to-do list again. I accomplished a lot and I will continue working on my blog on Monday too so that I will at least finish my reviews and will be able to schedule some more posts. I still have no idea what to do with my "About" page but I will find a solution pretty soon - I hope! 
My goals:
  • write my review for Ettiquette & Espionage
  • write my review for The Archived
  • write my review for Reunited
  • write my review for Simply Irresistible
  • write my review for Snuff
  • write my review for Snark & Circumstance
  • update my "About" page
  • update my List of Reviews
  • update my Challenge page
  • write and schedule posts for next week
  • write and schedule Photochallenge posts for the next weeks
  • do my Photochallenge post for this week
  • write all my ideas down in one place and not have small pieces of paper floating around everywhere (Organization is the key word here!)
  • write and schedule my Showcase Sunday post
  • HAVE FUN! - accomplished :) 
I had 14 things I wanted to do during the last three days and was able to finish 10, which I'm happy with. I am looking forward to the next Bloggiesta which will be sometime in September if I am informed correctly.  

A big thank you for all the nice comments that I received here, welcome to my new followers and a nice week to all of you!

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