Sunday, February 10, 2013 books

Showcase Sunday is weekly meme hosted by Vicky at Books, Biscuits & Tea which was inspired by In My Mailbox from Kristie at The Story Siren.
It is a possibility for us to show what amazing books we got during the week. 
 This week was a really slow one for me. Schools were on a break so I didn't have to work and I decided to take one week off to relax and recharge my batteries again because next week I have to start studying and working again. 

I got one book this week but I am really excited about this one. If you follow my blog for some time now you will know that I am a massive Terry Pratchett fan. I basically have all his books and love his Discworld novels so much. There are some awesome bonus books to the series and I got one of them.

Turtle Recall: The Discworld Companion... So Far 
Stephen Briggs and Terry Pratchett 

I am really looking forward to browsing through it because it's more of a reference book than a novel. I only read the entries for Death (or DEATH as he would say) and for the Death of Rats and they were hillarious - as all Terry Pratchett books. If you like fantasy and fantastic world building and you haven't check out his Discworld series you should do so immediately. I'm not joking, you miss out on something fabulous. So go check it out. If you want to start reading some Discworld novels don't start at the beginning of the series (way to confusing) but try starting with the ones starring the Witches because those are the ones I love the most. They are so much fun to read!

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  1. Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and relax, especially if you know the following week's about to be terribly hectic. *hugs*

    Hope you had a nice weekend, cheerleader chick ;)