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This week I am a bit behind on my TGIF post due to the fact that it is Saturday already. I had it all written on good old paper yesterday while at work but then I hadn’t had time to type it and put it online. I even took a picture to prove it. 

So here it is with one day delay. 
TGIF is a weekly meme hosted by Ginger at GReads!
This week she wants to know our favorite supporting characters.

Supporting characters are highly important for each book. They are the best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, family member. Without them the protagonist wouldn’t be as believable and would lack some depths.

One of my favorite supporting characters is Hinzel from Gretchen Sackmeier (which is my all time favorite German YA novel). He is a softy in his twenties who falls in love with the teenage Gretchen when the story begins. Gretchen is a bit overweight (which runs in the family) but funny, really nice, easy going and beautiful. Throughout the whole trilogy Gretchen can’t decide whom to date – loving but a bit crazy looking Hinzel who is incredibly sweet, nice to her and treats her like a princess or good looking Florian. Good guy vs. bad guy, isn’t it?

Ranger, Joe Morelli and Lula are amazing supporting characters in Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels.
Ranger is the typical bad guy who is incredibly hot and an awesome bounty hunter. He cares for Stephanie and helps her out in every situation she finds herself, like handcuffed to her shower rail – naked!
Joe is Steph’s on and off boyfriend and a cop. He really loves her and wants her to be safe which often leads to fights and break-ups but he is always there for her and it scares the hell out of him when Stephanie is in danger.
And Lula … Lula is a former hooker who is now hired as a filing clerk at Vinnie’s Bond Agency. She and Stephanie are good friends and Lula often helps to catch FTAs but when they are near a cop or police station Lula gets nervous and leaves the scene – often with Stephanie’s car but without Stephanie. The most memorable thing about Lula is that she always wears super tight and flashy clothes and she is a rather heavy girl which sometimes leads to hilarious situation in the books.

Last but not least I would like to mention two guys who are clearly boyfriend material and super important supporting characters.
The first one is Jax in Jill Shalvis’ Simply Irresistible and the second is Dermot in Ali McNamara’s Breakfast at Darcy’s.

I love good supporting characters and think that most books wouldn’t be as good as they are without them.

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