Thursday, February 16, 2012

... in pictures

This week’s topic was white (which I am writing in blue right now) and the first thing that came to my mind was the snow that had fallen all of last week until Sunday. It would have been a wonderful picture but it seemed too simple for me. So I decided to think about it a little longer.

Until today I totally forgot about it but when I opened my new notebook it hit me. A new notebook (by the way, I looooooooooooooove them) has wonderful white pages and one of my top ten things I really love doing is writing the first words in new notebooks. During school and still today at university I always make sure that the first page in my notebook is beautifully written and that everything looks just perfect.

So here is my new Toscana notebook and its crisp white first page.

For all of you who are interested; I will collect quotes and poems I like in it and I think I will start with writing EE Cummings poem “I carry you in my heart” in it.

Next week’s topic will be posted on Friday (February 17th).

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