Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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 Happy Valentinsday!

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to us by the wonderful team of The Broke and Bookish and this week’s question is perfect for Valentin’s Day.

Top Ten Books That Broke My Heart A Little

David Nicholls – One Day
the ending just broke my heart. Regardless of the many times I wanted to throw it against a wall while reading, the ending was tragic

 Cecilia Ahern – P.S. I love you
I cried so much while reading this book 

Sophie Kinsella – Twenties Girl
the ending was so sad. Although it ends well for the main character it is incredibly sad and I couldn’t help myself but cried at the end – both times I read it

Anne Fortier – Juliet
just a wonderful story 

Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice
I think it broke the heart of many girls and spoilt us a little for the men (to come) in our life

Stephanie Perkins – Anna and the French Kiss
I waited ages for Anna to realize that she is in love

I am often affected by books and mostly in a good way but those six are the ones I could think of that led to a little broken heart.

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  1. haha :D Yeah Anna was so so good :) I so loved her story ;)