Thursday, August 20, 2015

London, Baby!

I recently came back from a week in London with my mum. We do this every year and it always is an amazing time-out and time to recharge your batteries and talk about our plans for the next "year" (yes, as a student and teacher to be my year still starts in September). Today I want to share some pictures with you.

How cool, Tower Bridge opened up for us :)

We discovered Temple District and enjoyed the calmness there. 

A cup of coffee, London's buses and a bit of people watching before going to the huge Paperchase at Tottenham Court Road. 

We spent some time at Tate Modern and visited the Sonia Delaunai exhibition. What a view, right?

At the Globe we watched "As You Like It" and mum and me were both a bit confused. What a strange story.

On our last day we spent some time around Little Venice and took a boat tour from there to Camden Lock via the Regent Canal. We love taking boat tours and I still cannot believe it that it took us this long to take it. 

Don't worry guys, I also spent some time in bookstores and bought some things:

The "Mr. Men in London" book is for my little godson Erik while all the others are mine. I love coloring books and this one is amazing. I also needed the little book by Terry Pratchett which is his speech talking about his Alzheimer's disease. I started the forword in the bus on the way to the hotel but stopped before I came to the crying part. 

I'm also so happy to finally have a Books Are My Bag bag and I adore the Waterstones bags and I think I get one every year (I have 3 now and love them all). 

After 11 years of going to London in the summer I experienced my first tube strike. It was a bit of an inconvenience since some buses didn't even stop because they were so full. In the morning we got up late and had a long breakfast but in the evening we had to wait quite a long time to get a bus back to the hotel. It was an experience but I really don't need to experience again.

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