Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Why I never watched the last two Friends episodes

I am a major Friends fan! I cannot remember a time when I wasn't able to quote whole conversations out of an episode and I use quotes from this series regularly in daily conversations. During my last high school years and also some years after that I had two Friends posters hanging on my wall in my room and also two calenders which I loved so much that I used them for many years. I am a major Friends fan!

On May 6th, 2004 the last ever episode titled "The Last One" aired and even though I have seen all other 234 episodes multiple times - some more often than others but still - I am still (11 years later) too scared to watch these final two. I know how the show ends. I know what happens. I just can't bring myself to watch them and know that I will cry because I have to say goodbye to the whole crew.

Yes, I have difficulties saying goodbye to books and TV-show characters as well as to real life people but these six guys stuck with me over so many years, made me laugh so many times, provided me with crazy quotes in completely weird situations ("Gum would be perfection!" - yes, I used it!) and made me believe in love and friendship. It is just too hard saying farewell.

Why am I telling you all of this? I don't know, maybe I am just overly sentimental right now or it was the moment when I said to myself "Welcome to the real world! It sucks, you gonna love it!"

I just know that one day I will watch them, cry like a baby, go and find my teddy bear for comfort, cry some more and finally be able to say goodbye to lifelong friends. When it will be? I don't know but until this point I still dream of having a coffee with the gang at Central Perk.

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  1. I was a major Friends fan as well and have recently rewatched the series on Netflix and loved it just as much. I don't love the last season or 2 nearly as much as the rest though. There are moments throughout that I love but for me the feel just isn't there. And to be honest I didn't love the last 2 very much. I cried buckets or course but I just didn't love it It was, however, much better than the last episode of How I Met Your Mother which I prefer to pretend never happened as it was completely and totally awful!