Thursday, January 15, 2015

How my TBR pile will accompany me through 2015

 According to Plato my house has a soul but recently I felt a bit overwhelmed by all my unread books!

I have a lot of unread books - a LOT! I'm not talking about 50 to 80 but more like 200. I either bought them or got them as a gift and I am rather ruthless in sorting through them on a regular basis and donating books I'm no longer interested in or have read and don't feel the need to keep. So currently there are many unread books on my shelves, I would love to read and am interested in. So I decided to make 2015 - as so many others do too - my year of diminishing my TBR pile. I want to give the books I own a fair chance. I also am in the middle of many series and wanted to finish some. I'm not saying, I won't be buying books this year - hell, no! - I just want to be sure I need this book before buying it. I'm not setting myself a goal like read them all by 2016 (way too unrealistic) or diminish it by half (I don't even know howmany unread books I own - so not the best idea). I just want to read what I own.

For the last 2 weeks, I started quite some books and put them back because they didn't feel right. Some might call it a reading slump. Maybe it was but I embraced it. I watched a lot of movies on Netflix or DVD, watched some YouTube videos and during January I'm usually pretty busy with university - taking exams or studying like a crazy person.

Yesterday I picked up the first book in a cozy mystery series which I love but haven't finished. I started and finished it in just over two hours and enjoyed every second. I found my reading mojo due to an old favorite and this time I decided to keep up with this series. Let's see how this goes.

So thanks to JoAnna Carl's The Chocolate Cat Caper for helping find my reading mojo again!

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