Friday, November 7, 2014

It was great October...

Monthly Rewind

My Pic of October
 Fall and Winter time is chocolate time - I love baking brownies because they are the perfect treat with a nice cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate.

October in One Word
We had a super warm October here in Austria. Some days were unfortunately grey and rainy but still warm and we didn't need to bring out the warm winter clothes yet.

5 Things that Happened in October
  • My blog celebrated its third birthday and I had a week long blogoversary bash with some of my best friends here. I am still a bit shocked that I've been blogging for three years now but I love every minute of it. 
  • I met up with my good friend Judith and her little boy who just started kindergarten and we wanted to go to the playground. He was so tired after a morning in kindergarden that we changed plans and went to Starbucks for some hot chocolate and a cookie instead. 
  • Another friend came to my place for brunch and we had a really nice morning chatting and catching up again. 
  • My mum went on her 2 week trip to the States. She's currently in New Orleans and has a great time, which I am really happy about but I cannot wait for her to come home and tell me everything that she did. Yes, I am a mamma's girl!
  • My dad and I were invited to dinner at an old family friend. It was a really fun evening with good food and great wine. I love seeing people I've known my whole life. There are always so many memories to talk about.

An Album that Was Popular on my i-Pod
Lady Antebellum brought their new album out in October and I listened to it over and over and over again. I love them and their music. 

Books I Read this Month

Christopher Healy - The Hero's Guide to Saving a Kingdom
Rachel Gibson - Run to You
Kerstin Gier - Ruby Red
Colleen Gleason - The Clockwork Scarab
Ali McNamara - From Notting Hill to New York...Actually
Julie James - Something About You
Jenn McKinlay - Books Can Be Deceiving
Jenn McKinlay - Due or Die
Gail Carriger - Etiquette & Espionage
Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg - The Shell Game
Darynda Jones - Second Grave on the Left
Kerstin Gier - Dream a Little Dream (German Edition)

12 books
3870 pages

A TV-Series I like this Month
In October the new season of The Voice started and I've been watching. I love the new and old coaches - Rea Garvey, Samu Haber from Sunrise Avenue, Michi and Smudo from a well-known German Rap Quartet and Stephanie from the German band Silbermond. I am especially fond of Rea and Samu because they are hilarious and such fun to watch. We just started the Battles but I still have no favorites.

Things I am Looking Forward to in November
  • Obviously my mum coming home again!
  • It's my grandma's birthday at the beginning of the month and me and my dad are taking her and my dad's dad out to lunch. She sounded thrilled when I suggested it :)
  • Kerstin Gier is here for a signing on the 14th and I plan on going. 
  • Enjoying a warm cup of mulled wine on the Christmas market for the first time. The first ones open at the 21st of November. 
  • Having a dinner date with some lovely friends.

Felix in October
Felix was a little bit more cuddly than usual but I didn't mind.We spent some evenings watching TV like this.

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