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I love going to the zoo!
 I always have and always will. 

When I was a child I spent a lot of time there either with my parents or my grandparents. I loved watching the animals but during my pre-teen years these poor things lived in small cages and had little to no space to hide or play in. The zoo in Vienna was founded by one of our emperors during the 18th century and it seemed like the zoo hadn't changed a lot from then till my teen years.

During that time the zoo got a new director and he started introducing big changes. Some of the buildings are historic buildings which had to be protected but he found ways of building new areas for the animals, enabling them to live a better life and installed hiding places and lots of greens. The cages became big outdoor facilities and if you can remember how sad the animals were before those changes, you feel proud every time you enter today's zoo because it changed so much.

These days I either visit the zoo with Judith and her little boy or I'm taking my camera to snap some pictures.

This is what I did some weeks ago and here are some of them:
Vienna is pretty sucessful in breeding panda bears and we currently have our third panda baby which will, in a few years, be given back to China since our pandas are still owned by China so they get our babies to set them free.

Our cheetahs currently have three babies. Aren't they adorable?


After year of renovating the area of the polar bears it was reopened in May and we finally have two new polar bears. They have a huge area now with deep pools and lots of rocks and places to hide and inside there's a lot of information about the bears on display for us to read.

I always loved the seals and when they get their food each day it is a HUGE show for the visitors. Since I'm not able to watch it when I'm there with Jan because he's still not old enough to appreciate them, I usually stay and watch when I am alone. It is still hillarious.

 And a day in the zoo wouldn't be complete without visiting the tigers.

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