Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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April from Good Books and Good Wine created a wonderful 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! Check it out and if you'll participate link your post to April's original post.

Day 3: Who are your blogging BFFs? 
When I started book blogging back in October 2011 I knew that there was a huge community of book bloggers out there. I also knew some English book blogs I loved but I always thought that I am "all alone" here in little Austria with my little corner of the internet because I had no idea how many amazing European bloggers are out there. After discovering Twitter I just felt overwhelmed with people sharing the same interest as me and today I cannot imagine my life without my blog, the lovely people I got to know via Social Media but life would be especially dull without my Bookish Four, as I like to call them. 

I think Kat and I met around the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 shortly after I joined Twitter. We had an amazing evening bashing all the contestants and pretty quickly discovered that we not only share the love of books but also have a similar kind of humor. What we clearly don't share is our taste in books. Kat is the Queen of Zombies (not in looks, in reading taste of course) and reads a lot of Distopians too. Me on the other hand not so much. 
I think what I most love about her is that she always manages to cheer me up, always has or takes time to listen to me and just makes me feel like I have found a BFF via the internet. Without her my blogging journey would defintely not be as much fun as it is.
Daisy from Between the Pages
I knew Daisy from her posts over at The Broke and Bookish and discovered her blog shortly after I started blogging. I always felt like we had a connection because we read similar books and also had kind of the same opinion on them. When we started talking via Twitter it just felt right. Whenever I haven't heard from her for a few days I feel that something is missing and there's nothing better than her weekly wrap-ups on her blog. If you don't know them, head over there immediatly and spend some time reading through them. Her writing style is just amazing and without Daisy and her positive energy a vital part of my Bookish Four would be missing.

Celine from Nyx Book Reviews
Celine and I "met" over Vicky and one of their hillarious tweets. I did but in and instantly felt like they included me in their little group. Celine and I both wanted to read more classics and decided to create a little online reading group and start tackling the them one after the other (At least we started with a classic. Who knows where it will take us.). She also entertains me tremendously on Facebook where she posts in Dutch (as she is from the Netherlands). As a German native speaker I can read a bit of Dutch because it is quite similar but some bits I just can't understand and the translator on my Facebook page just produce real amazing translations. So we share our little "What did you post?" and "What did it translate to?" messages.
My connection with Vicky feels pretty special to me because we clicked over the fact that there are basically no other book bloggers writing in English in our countries and due to the fact that Austria and Hungary are neighbours. We started talking about our love of mysteries (mine more cozy and Vicky's a bit more gruesome) and whenever I felt like university wanted to swallow me this semester I could count on Vicky for listening to my rant and telling me stories about her studies. Also she and Celine made me cheerleader on ther Review Copy Clean-Up and that made me feel special.
I think that's how you could summarize my feelings for my girls:
They make me feel special!
Love ya ladies! 
I cannot wait to finally meet you in a bit over two weeks!
Do to the fact that I am doing the 15 Days Book Blogger Challenge all through August I will post this week's Top Ten Tuesday post tomorrow.

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  1. Awww, Karin! <3 You are so incredibly sweet! It feels like something is missing for me as well if I haven't heard from you! And I am SO excited about meeting for real soon!!! :D