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Author: Ali McNamara

by Dan Martland
Ali is the author of the wonderful novels "From Notting Hill with Love...Actually" (read my review here) and "Breakfast at Darcy's" (read my review here). Her new novel "From Notting Hill to New York...Actually" will be published on November 22nd 2012

Your next book “From Notting Hill to New York … actually” will be out this November. How long does it take you to write a book (from the idea to the printed book)?
Difficult to say from the initial idea, as I have them floating around all the time! But from research to completed manuscript about a year.

What inspires you to write?
So many stories to tell, so little time to do it in!

How is your typical day when you are writing?
I don’t have one. I’m a very disorganised writer and don’t have a particular routine, (I sometimes wish I did!) But it seems to get done!

And when you are not writing?
I like to exercise and keep fit; either in the gym, or by cycling, or walking my dogs.

Who is your favourite characters of the books you wrote and why?
Definitely Oscar from From Notting Hill with Love…Actually. He was so popular with readers in the first book, that he plays a much bigger part in the new sequel. He can get away with saying all sorts of things that my other characters wouldn’t be able to!

I have the impression that you treasure contact with your readers and that you are an author who tries to reply to all your readers via Twitter, Facebook, E-Mail, etc. and you have an amazing homepage that is updated almost daily, right? How important is the contact to your readers to you?
Very. Getting feedback from them is one of the best things about what I do. The fact that people take the time to write to me means so much it’s the least I can do to reply, and I try to, to everyone.

Being a writer is a dream job for almost every book addict. What would you be if not a writer?
I’d like to write film scripts, or develop concepts for new TV shows. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, its not thinking of ideas to write about, it’s finding the time to put them all down on paper!

Do you have a favorite author or book?
Enid Blyton. I loved her books as a child!

If you could be part of any book ever written (as long as you want – doesn’t have to be forever) which one would you chose and why?
Toughie! Probably Pride & Prejudice. It would be lovely to dress up in the costumes of the day, speak to each other in that wonderful language, and obviously fall in love with a gorgeous, yet brooding Mr Darcy!

Do you have plans for a new book yet?
Yes, I’m currently working on my fourth novel, due out in November 2013!

Thank you Ali for doing this interview! 
I am looking forward to reading your new novel!

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