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to my Blogoversary week here on "My Life..." where I will be celebrating my second year of blogging with the help of some amazing friends. 
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 Today's post is brought to you by Felix (with the help ofmy mum):

12 things you want to know about Karin

Hi, my name is Felix and like for Debby (on Monday) this is also my first guest post (to be honest it is my first blog entry ever).

I will tell you a few things about Karin that you will never hear from her (although they are not strictly secrets).
  1. Karin belongs to me. I adopted her when I was 8 weeks old (my big baby-eyes and my soft fur let her fall for me) and since then we are together. 

  2. Karin has a lot of stuffed animals. From time to time she sorts through them and discards some. And those are for me. I especially like her/my teddy bear. 

  3. I like to hide in fresh mown grass. It smells so good and is a lot of fun. Well – that’s not exactly about Karin. Hmmm ........ oh yes ........... she likes to take pictures when I roll in the grass. That brings me to the next point ... 

  4. Karin loves to take pictures with her camera and she is a really good photographer. Guess who is her favorite model. 

  5. Karin does everything for me! Although she hates the smell of my dogfood (I can’t imagine why – it smells really yummy) she opens the can for me (I would like to learn it myself some day) and puts the food into my bowl. 

  6. Karin hates it when it is cold. I like it. But when it is snowing I can count on her to take me out playing in the snow. 

  7. Karin likes to soak in the bathtub. Hot water and a book and she can spend hours there. I like a bath as well. 

  8. Karin is calendar addict. She buys one every 2 or 3 months, writes everything from the old calendar into the new one, just to dump that calendar after some weeks. Now she has a custome made calendar. And I am on the cover!

  9. Karin likes flowers – a single flower in a vase, a whole bunch of flowers in a jug, a pot of flowers on the windowsill or a meadow full of flowers in spring – she just likes all of them. And I – I love flowers too. 

  10. Karin sometimes sleeps in a weird way – sheet over her head, pillow by her side, socks on her feet, etc. And my sleeping position sometimes isn’t too elegant either. 

  11. I like a good head or belly scratch. And Karin is always happy to oblige. 

  12. Karin and me – we are a really good team. She feeds me, walks me and plays with me. I keep her company and I am her watchdog. So don’t annoy her – because then you have to deal with me. 

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  1. Oh my, this is so CUTE! I should have my cat tell everyone about me... That would be really fun! Felix is adorable, and I love his name! (And oh my, PUPPY. I'm squealing!) I love seeing pics of Felix pop up on Instagram, and I have loved getting to know you both better!

  2. So cute <3 :) I´d pick one of Torey Haydens books. She is my favorite writer!
    Jenna O

  3. I'd pick a copy of Colleen Hoover's books- Hopeless, since it's my fave! Her writing is awesome; you should check her out if you haven't! :D

  4. Aw, such a lovely post Felix! :D

  5. Awwww Felix, you know Karin so well!

    I have no idea what book I'd pick.......maybe I'd let you pick something for me ;-)

  6. Awhh, haha. I hate the cold too and I also sleep in a weird way, sweet over my mouth and always socks to keep my feet from freezing off!

  7. Happy blogoversary! I might choose Allegiant or World After. Not really sure.

  8. Happy Blogoversary to you! I would probably choose Saving June by Hannah Harrington.

  9. Aww, great post, Felix! I can tell you love Karin :)